About Framing – when Presentation and Preservation is Everything

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If there is one that is definitely worthwhile investing in and could afford to, it is custom framing. I have looked at and gathered photos of some of my favorite frames, most of which are variations of the antique silver.   The great thing about having your keepsake ketubah framed is that the custom framers is that it is not …

melody.molayem@gmail.comAbout Framing – when Presentation and Preservation is Everything

Personalized Frame

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I finally decided to do a little something different this year! Although this wasn’t papercut, I personalized and designed this frame for my mom’s birthday.

melody.molayem@gmail.comPersonalized Frame

Ayesha & Nat Wedding

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This Wedding was on the 8th day of Hannukah, a time which is supposed to be an auspicious amen.

melody.molayem@gmail.comAyesha & Nat Wedding

All About Wedding Planning

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Stay posted for more* Lately a handful of people who are getting married have been asking me if I know of any wedding related venues.  This calls for a post dedicated to the gathering of recourses for finding your wedding needs.    http://moonmilkevents.com/   / Event design and styling   /   Located in Los Angeles   http://Altamakeupart.com  /  / …

melody.molayem@gmail.comAll About Wedding Planning

Before & After – The Art Process

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Jumpstarted by the dreamy, rough sketches phase where most of my Ketubah designs originate, here are a few before and after examples: “Home on a Hill” Papercut Ketubah     “Raindrops” Papercut Ketubah

melody.molayem@gmail.comBefore & After – The Art Process