Hi there fellow art lover and appreciator!  Welcome and thank you for stopping by my page!  A little about myself and background.  Ever since I was a child I doodled away and have been highly invested in art making.  As time went on, my art making practices have evolved towards conceptual and storytelling. I tend to find meaning in the details and the mundane, and am passionate about sharing my unique perspective with others to see what they cannot see through my art.

I received my BFA in fine art and have been designing ketubahs since 2014.  Although I focus mainly on papercut designs, I also work with wooden, mixed media, and other one of a kind projects such as displaying poetry instead of a ketubah text within a design.  Some of my sources of inspiration are drawn from Japanese illustration, Chinese folk art, the Grimm’s Brothers, and stories from Tanakh.  As much as I love what I do, overtime I realized that I am a people person and enjoy the process of meeting with clients and making profound connections with them more than the art of the actual making art. So as a people person, designing ketubot has turned into a side hobby and my real profession has transformed me into an educator who loves to work with children. Who says you cannot do both?

           Ce la vie.