Process for Selecting Your Ketubah

Hi there! Here is the breakdown of the Process for selecting a ketubah:

1) Select a design

2) Refer to the color chart in my images to select preferred color layers and material if applicable.
-The color chart is most commonly used for the background colors. Other things to consider are if you want a custom painted metallic background, what paint color you are interested in selecting for hand painted and wooden pieces, and if applicable, the paper type for the text box. If you need creative guidance you may get a complimentary consultation and digital mock-up of what the final artwork will look like! (Email MELODYDRACHEL at GMAIL dot COM for more information)

3) Fill out text personalization form

-asks for your rabbi/ wedding officiant’s information. Based on your wedding officiant’s requirements for a ketubah text, you may have the option to pick out your own text or one is provided by the officiant. If you are interested in the dual text options of Aramaic and English, the English part is typically the client's call to pick out.

4) I will send you, your partner and your officiant the final text and design for final approval.


Check out my "Frequently asked questions" page for more info: