Q: What is a ketubah?
A:  A Ketubah is a woman’s bill of rights that involves a monetary commitment.  Historically speaking, the rabbis did not want a man to divorce his wife since women used to be dependent on men.  You’re not allowed to live with your partner until there is a ketubah, and its main purpose is to give a woman a sense of protection.  The ketubah has less importance now but nevertheless is still important.

Q: My wedding is less than a month - two weeks away and need one as soon as possible.  Do you accomodate rush orders?  If so, what are your rates?

A:  Please reach out to me regardless!  It all depends on my availabiity, so just reach out to me to find out and about rates.  Usually I do accomodate rush orders for an extra fee, and if you are local it makes it easier.

Q: Why buy from Ketubahs by Melody?

A:  You are supporting a local artist versus a corporation.  10% of my profits go to various charitable organizations that support fundings for couples who do not have enough to pay for their weddings and other local causes that support my local community.

Everything I create is made to order with optimal craftsmanship, a sturdy board to hold up the artwork, and above all, a labor of love.  Before I print or ship anything, I send a photo to the client to make sure he/she is in love with their design.

Q: What is the difference between the ketubahs at a Judaica shop versus yours?

A:  The ketubahs at a Judaica shop are mass-produced whereas with my ketubahs you get to collaborate directly on the artwork.  So if there is something specific about the design you want to change, by maybe using a background color that is not available on the color chart or using monograms on the textbox, you will be able to do so with me.  I not only do customizations from scratch as most of my custom orders tend to be based on already existing designs that have the couple’s unique twist.

Another major difference is that if you are local, we can meet in person so I can show you samples/ background color swatches.  You even won’t imagine how many times clients have come to me with a specific design in mind and changed their minds after having a meeting in person!

Q: How is a ketubah displayed at a chuppah? Does it rest on an easel or does it have to have a board or something placed behind it in order for it to sit on an easel?

A: If you are getting married in a hotel or venue, the venue may have a display easel for you. However, if you are having a backyard wedding, it helps to have one. You can order one from amazon for about $20 - $30 or you can find out if your designated photographer has one.

Q: How do customizations work?  Do you do any custom work on any preexisting designs?

A:  Yes.  I create both custom designs from scratch (unique to you and your partner and not created for anyone else!) and I add any customizations to preexisting designs.  For example, I have had clients ask me to add monograms to preexisting designs, color accents to certain areas, or even cut certain designs that are presented as papercuts on wood.

Q:  How do I know what text to choose?

A:  In some cases, the rabbi or wedding officiant sends me a particular text to use.  In other cases, the client is given the freedom by the wedding officiant to choose from a variety of texts, either on my site or from other sites as long as I am given permission for its usage from the author.

Q: What is a personalization form?

A: A personalization form asks for your wedding officiant or rabbi’s contact information, wedding date, English, any Hebrew or middle names of you and your partner, names of both you and your partner’s parents, etc.  Orthodox and conservative texts may require additional information.

While some couples, especially those who are requesting a rush order prefer to have their personalized information left out and to be filled on the day of their ketubah signing or wedding ceremony, having the text personalization details integrated and printed on the text guarantees a well-integrated design with a unified font for the text.

Text Personalization Link

Q:  Is there an extra charge to make a special request for the ketubah text such as changing the fonts, tweaking the text, adding names or a quote on top of the text, including both Hebrew and English, changing the text box shape from a circle to square or vice versa, or similar requests?

No there is no charge for that.  If you have any special requests for the text, I am happy to discuss that with you at no charge and send you a digital proof of the text.  I am trained in typography and would love to help make your text unique and special. 

Q: How well do you know about the usage and application of the Orthodox Aramaic text?

A: Well enough to know that if just one letter is off or missing from the text, the ketubah is not considered valid according to the rabbinical courts (aka Beit Din).

While I make sure the designs are a high state of the art, I spend at least a few hours communicating with the wedding officiant/rabbi to make sure that you and your partner’s personalized information is spelled correctly and triple checked prior to the finalization of the design.  The back and forth of email threads may at times get long yet it isn’t a done deal until it is done right!

Q:  What form of payments do you take?

A:  Paypal, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), cash, Venmo, check and Zelle.

Q: How does PayPal work?

A: You may use PayPal regardless of whether you have a PayPal account or not.  Because of its user-friendly and convenient features, most eCommerce sites use PayPal as a third party application to process payments.  The good news is PayPal doesn’t discriminate the type of payment used, whether it’d be a checking account or type of credit card.

A: Do you take international orders?

Q: Yes. There is an additional shipping cost for all international orders and it must be ordered as early as possible.  If you are interested in a shipping quote, please contact me with your wedding date.

Q: How is the artwork going to be expedited through Shipping and handling?

A: Each artwork is wrapped in a plastic slip, weatherproof and placed securely in the box so that it doesn’t endure any dents.

Q: When should I anticipate the arrival of my order once it is placed?

A: It depends on the shipping method used. For custom design ketubot, orders must be placed at least 8 weeks in advance before the occasion.

Exceptions may apply depending on the type of artwork and time frame involved.  If the occasion in less than 8 weeks away, just shoot me a message either to my email – melodydrachel@gmail.com, or through my contact page with your parameters I will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Q: What goes into the printing process?

A: Our limited edition Giclée prints are archival, museum-quality prints. The acid-free fine art papers are meant to withstand aging and fading.

Our eco-friendly services use 100% recycled paper for the printing and shipping supplies.
The textured surface of the fine art paper leaves the artwork with the fine art quality of a traditional print.

Q: How are the texts expedited?

A: All texts are printed with inkjet printing.  Please note that the texts are not written with hand calligraphy unless you are interested in having me collaborate with a calligrapher which I have done before.  I have a few calligraphers that I have worked with before or you can get me in touch with your calligrapher.   

Q: How accurate are the colors on the screen?

A: It depends from monitor to monitor, as the colors will slightly differ. I do my best to display the colors as accurately as possible, but there is only so much that I can do on my end. For a small fee I could ship you a mini digital proof of the Ketubah. 

Q: What type of pen do you recommend me to use if I do not decide to go with the personalization option?

A: A ballpoint or archival ink pen is most suitable for the Ketubah signing and filling of the blanks.  For example, those thin Sharpie pens work really well, especially on the luster petallic paper for the inner text box.

Q: What are things to look out for before finalizing my purchase for a Ketubah?

A: Prior to placing your order, make sure that your selected text and personalized information has been double-checked by yourself, your spouse to be and your Officiant.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: Once you have agreed to the digital proof of the artwork and the order has been printed, all transactions are final especially since I would not be able to resell the artwork.  The only exception is if I have made an error on my part with the printing or some other type of miscellaneous error.

Artwork with non-personalized text could be exchanged or refunded within a week. Buyer pays the return shipping fee and optional insurance. Once the item has arrived, the credit or refund will be issued.

Q:  Is it customary to buy ketubahs as gifts for others?

A:  While most of my clients have not purchased a ketubah as a gift,  I have had a handful of clients buy their siblings or children ketubahs.  In this case, they put their soon to be bride or groom relative in touch with me in order that the bride/ groom makes their design based decisions.

Q: What is the time frame for creating a ketubah?

A:  Anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the customizations and time it takes for the rabbi to finalize the text.

Q:  Is a frame included with the artwork?

A:  Frames are not included.  However, I do give recommendations depending on the area you live in.  Also, the frame design is based on what the client likes and matches their home, so my recommendation is to go to your local frame shop to get a feel for that frames would potentially go well with your home.

Q:  What frame/s do you recommend?  

A:  My personal favorites are the double plexiglass (or glass, which runs more expensive than plexiglass).  I am in love with the neutrality of the borderless, museum-like frame that goes with any home setting.  With the double pane plexiglass which is basically the artwork sandwiched between two piece of glass, if you want to go the economic route, either get the acrylic glass material or real glass for the front of the frame, and the plexiglass for the back.  I personally think glass looks much better even though it is more fragile!

Nonplexiglass frames that I would recommend are weathered white wood, antique silver, and plain white.  You have the final say since it is all contingent upon your taste palette! 

Q:  Is a UV protection or the frame necessary?  

A:  It is not a necessity.  However, if your home happens to have a lot of sunlight that filters through or you want the artwork to be safe from any type of sun exposure, you can think of this metaphorically as an insurance for the ketubah.  Bottom line is keep all of your artwork away from the sun!  

Q:  As a Sephardi, my rabbi said that my mom has to hold onto my ketubah.  What is the point in having a ketubah created then if I cannot hang it up in my home?

A: There is a solution!  I can print you an extra text to be signed on the day of the wedding.  You can give the extra text to your mom to hold onto!

Q: I have a wedding date but I don’t have a rabbi yet!  What do I do?

A:  Depending on which city and state you live in, I have a large database of rabbis from a wide spectrum of levels of observance and minhagim (customs/laws) that I have been working with.  If you are living in Los Angeles or New York, I can most likely help you find your perfect rabbi!  However, if you are in another city/state check in with me and I will search through my database to see if there are any rabbis or officiants who I have worked with in the past and set you up.

Q: My rabbi is stringent with the textbox shape and requires a perfect square text box.  Do I have to pick a design that goes with the text box shape?

A:  Not necessarily.  I have used round ketubah designs with square-shaped text boxes, or even the tree of life with a square text and it looks just as great.

Q: Do you do any other type of freelance custom projects that are non-ketubah related?

A:  Absolutely.  Keep in mind I do create anniversary ketubahs, home blessing artworks, and other various graphics related work.  Please send me an email with a project request info and I will send you a quote- melodydrachel@gmail.com.

Q: My wedding is less than a month - two weeks away and need one as soon as possible.  How do you accomodate rush orders?

A:  Please reach out to me regardless!  If you are local it makes it easier, and if not please let me know either way to find out about my availability and rates.   


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