Custom Options

If you are looking to have your ketubah designed from scratch or add accent colors, monograms, or tweak a few things to an already existing design, custom options are for you. I work with couples in having their ideas and visions transmitted into their own unique Ketubah, even if the couple doesn’t have a clear idea of the outcome.  No matter how vague or specific you are, I will go step by step with you and your partner throughout the process to make sure that both you and your partner’s ideas submerge harmoniously together.  I create sketches based on whether the clients want a round or square-shaped ketubah, possibly the narrative of how they met as every artwork tells a story, and incorporating phrases and other wording that represent you and your partner’s relationship.  The possibilities are endless!


Consultation is free of charge, and as long as your wedding date is at least a month away, I can square out a really unique ketubah for you- reserve a listing by clicking here.  From there we will make an appointment via Skype or over the phone or in-person (if local) in order to launch this project with some brainstorming.

After the consultation and brainstorming phase, I will generate a quote, send you an invoice and require half of the deposit before starting the sketching process. The cost of custom services for creating a ketubah from scratch start from $895 and vary, depending on the cost of materials, the intricacy of the design, and the number of hours spent.

Once you fill out the Custom Ketubah form on the link below, I will get back to you with a reserved listing date and meeting times for a consultation.

In the meanwhile, if you are really serious about this and are interested in getting a head start, please do fill out and submit the personalization form in addition to the custom order form when you get a chance! Click here to fill out the Custom Design Form Personalization Form    

Below are a few examples of before and afters of sketches and the final design. 


Alana and Theo's ketubah



Naava & Ariel's Wedding

Shira & Zach's Ketubah


Although this is typically not the medium I work with since papercuts are my primary method, my skills cover a variety of design accommodations.

The artwork below is for a client who didn't want the typical ketubah.  They wanted something beyond, colorful, eye popping, and out of the box.  Although this is not the ketubah style that I generally work with, I was up for the challenge and rather excited to create something in a medium that I have never worked with before.  So the outcome?  Dynamic!  I would like to explore this style more one day soon when I have more time on my hands.  As a fine artist, I was always interested in creating a line of typographic art with this street art style that reminds me a bit of graffiti art, but more elegant.  Maybe when I get more into home blessing artwork type and other Judaica art, I will do it.  However, there is nothing like working intimately with a couple to find out what they are looking for and design it specifically for them.  I learned that when I do something for someone else, the outcome is vastly much better than when I am trying to do it on my own, without a deadline or guidelines based on a client's preference.  


This couple took an already existing design and decided to have a custom paint job of painting the base design rose gold and painting the leaves with light green accents. 


"Tree of Life Elul 5777" lottery year custom ketubah.  This is such an Elul ketubah!  It not only includes the "ani l'dodi" which is a primary theme of this month, but it also includes cherry blossoms, doves, rams, and olive branches.  The top layer alone could account for a complete ketubah, yet the client want to incorporate the old city so I put that in the text layer background.  Also features the client's Hebrew names on there.  

Nina's custom Elul 5777 ketubah!  Features the tree of life motif with cherry blossoms, olive branches, birds, doves, rams, and name customizations.  Such an Elul wedding ketubah!The custom ketubah process- this is one of those pieces where it has several layers and each layer on its own would make a complete ketubah!

“This is something you are signing and should really represent the couple and their personality.  The ketubah should represent the couple not only spiritually but also their personalities.  I feel like all ketubahs are starting to look generic and we are seeing the same type of style over and over again.  And we should put more time into representing who you are as a couple because it would be that much more beautiful.” -Anonymous client